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Yung B Da Producer Makes A Beat (Video)

Watch as Yung B makes a beat and write’s rhymes for his upcoming project. Y’all say you never see your peers working. Well…

Please be patient for his debut album, The Last Poet. The Manifest Movement compilation, “Dreams Manifest,” will be coming very soon

Yung B Da Producer – How You Want It

Something new from one of our fav submissions here.

The track doesn’t have a definitive home on a project just yet, but I am working with on Dreams Manifest with J.Nolan which will be my most formal introduction as an artist before I debut The Last Poet later this year

Yung B Da Producer – Back At It

Like good hip-hop? I swear this guy reminds me of a young AZ.

3rd time he’s been featured here and he’s killing it each & every time. You disagree? He’s currently preparing to release his debut project, entitled The Last Poet.

Yung B Da Producer – Back At It

NQM Submission: Yung B Da Producer – Midnight Star

With his cousin getting a dope submission into the #MillionairesClub recently, Yung B Da Producer shot over his new single “Midnight Star”; from his debut project entitled The Last Poet

Word is the plan is to have it out Feb 6. He’s got that old school flow so I suggest you listen.

Yung B Da Producer – Midnight Star