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Watch The Throne Documentary (Video)

Real talk, this nigga Jay-Z is my hero. I love documentaries like this. Directed by Robert Lopuski, the cameras followed Jigga x Ye throughout the entire process of making Watch The Throne last year all over the world. We get a look at intimate convos between the two moguls, and in-studio footage of the creative process that takes place to make a historical record. Watch the ten minute segment from the documentary right here after the break.

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Kanye West & Jay-Z Perform “N***as In Paris” 11 Times In Paris (Video)

Welp, The Throne was is Paris tonight, and performed their hit, “N***as In Paris” 11 Times In Paris.

Ace Update:Added more footage, full footage, and also Hit Boy crowd surface.

Rihanna Performs “All Of The Lights” & “Run This Town” W/ The Throne In London (Video)

Earlier history was made, as Rihanna became the first artist at the O2 Arena to perform along side with The Throne (Kanye West & Jay-Z). She joined them onstage to perform “All Of The Lights” & “Run This Town.”

Teaser: Jay-Z & Kanye West – Made In America (Video)??

Could this be. Hopefully.

Jay-Z & Kanye West In Montreal – Watch The Throne (Footage)

They’re doing it. Big as fcuk too.

S/O to our FitfyOne50 up north.

Young Jeezy – N*ggaz In Paris (Freestyle)

Liberated by DJ Smallz, Jeezy is tagged for the moment with a short free over the hottest joint, IMHO from ‘Watch The Throne’.

Young Jeezy – N*ggaz In Paris (Freestyle)

B.O.B. – Welcome To The Jungle Freestyle

Over Jay & ‘Ye’s, not Axl and Slash.

marry me, Bobby Ray

Although that might work.

B.O.B. – Welcome To The Jungle Freestyle

Jay-Z & Kanye West (feat. Mr. Hudson) – Why I Love You (Single Cover)

So artistic and different from the last one.