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Snoop Dogg feat. E-40 & Young Jeezy – My Fucn House (Official Video)

Damn Snoop. Somebody’s making music like it’s going out a style. But, Mr. 17.5 is doin his thing with the only guy which I ever heard hyphy.

Felicia “Snoop” Pearson From “The Wire” Arrested In Drug Raid

Felicia “Snoop” Pearson had served a prison sentence for murder and returned to drug dealing on the streets of East Baltimore, before a visit to the set of “The Wire” led to a star turn on the show and offered a new chance to change her life.

But her past kept creeping back — she was a witness to a murder and was arrested after she refused to testify — and subsequent film and television offers were hard to come by.

Now, Pearson, 30, has been accused of playing a part in a large-scale drug organization, whose members were arrested in raids Thursday throughout Baltimore and surrounding counties.

via TheBaltimoreSun

Snoop Dogg feat. T-Pain – Boom (Official Video)

Is it me, or has Uncle Snoop’s videos been the same since ’93?

Snoop (feat. Devin The Dude & Kobe) – I Don’t Need No B*tch

4 those that could give a fucc about valentines wknd #neednobitch. – Snoop Dogg.

@SnoopDogg feat. @therealdevin420 & @kobekokilla – I Don’t Need No Bitch l MF