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Stalley (feat. Scar) – Volley Express


As a warm-up for his new release “Savage Journey to the American Dream”, Stalley offers a series of songs called “Songs by Me, Stalley”. The eighth and final leak is “Volley Express”, an original song featuring Scar, over Block Beattaz production. Savage Journey to the American Dream is coming soon! Stalley will unveil the release date when he gets 50,000 followers on Twitter.

Stalley (feat. Scar) – Volley Express

Scar (feat. El Prez & Aleon Craft) – Smoke & Ride (prod. SMKA)


With The 808 Experiment: Vol 3 dropping next month, the good folks over at SMKA drop another joint from their 40 man project. And it’s putting on the real from Tha A, so you already know dopeboy (big boi voice)

Son…40 people tho?! Dedication.

Scar (feat. El Prez & Aleon Craft) – Smoke & Ride l MF