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Linkin Park feat. Rakim – Guilty All The Same



Talk about an unexpected combination. One of my favorite rock groups Linkin Park debuted a brand new single entitled “Guilty All The Same”. The nearly 6 minute rock influenced single features a verse from a legend in his own right, Rakim. Haven’t heard Rakim spit a verse on a record like this, but Rakim appears at the 3:38 mark. Glad to see Linkin Park back.

“The reason we went with this single first is that we think it’s a good look into the DNA of the record that we’re putting out this summer. (Rakim)That’s like one of my idols. If you get into the nitty-gritty of his rhyme pattern and the topic in this song, it’s bananas what he is doing. He’s on the some Steve Vai s*** vocally.”

Check out the single after the jump.

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Rakim Talks Differences With Dr. Dre; Speaks On Chief Keef & More



While out in Chicago, Rakim held a sold out performance at The Shrine. After his performance, the legendary emcee speaks with Drea O about Chief Keef, violence in Chicago and more. Rakim also spoke on his differences with Dr. Dre, he says the two parted ways after Dr. Dre wanted him to rap about murder. Damn.

Check out the interview with the lovely Drea O after the jump!
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Eric B. & Rakim Are Nominated for Rock And Roll Hall of Fame


Now this is what I love to hear. Among Eric B. & Rakim being nominated, Beastie Boys and 15 others have also been selected for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

The nominees were chosen by 40 critics and musicologists who serve on the hall’s nominating committee. The ballots will now be sent to a larger group of 500 critics, musicians and industry professionals who vote on them. Every year, the hall inducts at least five artists or groups from the list. The choices are announced in late November and a ceremony will be held to honor the inductees on April 14. Next year, the ceremony will be held at the Cleveland Convention Center, as it was in 2008.


Rakim Talks State of Hip-Hop & Opening Up For Chris Rock W/ Ms Drama TV (Video)


[pro-player width='570' height='350' type='video']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pge5mP9xqAY[/pro-player]

Ms. Drama TV’s Joya Campbell snags an impromptu interview with legendary rapper Rakim at the “Godly Collaboration” event last week in New York. In the brief interview Rakim speaks on the current state of hip-hop which he feel is in a good place– although he acknowledges there are some rappers not holding it down. Rakim also touches on opening for Chris Rock and his enjoyment working with him.