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R.I.P. Ol’ Dirty Bastard (November 15, 1968 – November 13, 2004)



Today marks the nine year death anniversary of the late great Russell Tyrone Jones also known as the Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Growing up one of my favorite groups were the Wu-Tang Clan, and one of the artists who stuck out to me was ODB. His lyrics, delivery was different from the other members of the Wu and me and my cousin Kendra went around just rapping his lyrics all day long. The Grammy Nominated rapper also went by the names Ason Unique, Osirus, The Specialist, Dirt McGirt, Big Baby Jesus, Ol’ Dirty Chinese Restaurant. Today we celebrate his life by including some of my personal favorite records.

RZA aka Bobby Digital feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Black Widow Pt 2.

Check out more personal favorites after the jump.

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Michael K. Williams Joins Breakfast Club: Discusses Playing ODB


Some might know him as Omar from The Wire, or Chalky from Boardwalk Empire, but his new persona will be former Wu-Tang member, Ol Dirty Bastard, after he stars in the biopic of the late great Brooklyn rapper. The movie will go into full production but only cover the last two years of ODB’s life. The TV star breaks down his plans for the movie with The Breakfast Club, as well as new projects, and upcoming releases.


Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Return To The 36 Chambers” To Be Re-Released


The Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version Wallet Box includes a re-mastered double CD that includes original album as well as remixes, a capellas, instrumentals, and other rarities. In addition, there’s a vintage “On Tour” poster, extended artwork, promotional sticker, detailed liner notes, and an exclusive billfold wallet, where you will be able to put your complimentary laminated Ol’ Dirty Bastard food stamp card. “We all knew that if we were going to do this, we had to include a physical version of that card, there was no other way to do it,” explains Get On Down General Manager, Rob Reilly. “We really wanted the packaging to compliment the creative genius that is Ol’ Dirty Bastard.”

Available for purchase on November 22 via burgeoning imprint Get On Down.