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Lil B Lecture At NYU (Video)

Last night at New York University, the guest lecturer Lil B spoke on every topic in the world. In the 80 minute lecture he spoke on politics, and more.
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Complete F*ckery Edition: Lil B – Ima Eat Her A$$ (Official Video)

Yup….no f*cking comment.

Lil B – I Forgive You (Mixtape)

Thank You Based God…..

1. Lil B – Tonight
2. Lil B – I’m In The Streetz
3. Lil B – I Forgive You
4. Lil B – Can I Live 4real
5. Lil B – Durty Pop
6. Lil B – Neva Stop Me (Remix)
7. Lil B – Take A Picture BasedGod
8. Lil B – Bitch F*ck With Me
9. Lil B – Gotta Question
10. Lil B – Heard Her Cry
11. Lil B – 30 Year BasedGod
12. Lil B – Im 2 Real

Download: Lil B – I Forgive You (Mixtape)

Lil B – Need My Love (Official Video)

Another day, another Lil B video. As I quote this youtube comment.

While listening to this a dove flew from the unknown, perched on my shoulder and shed a single tear.”

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Lil B – Where Dem Based Boyz (Official Video)

“Based God”

Here’s some visuals off Lil B’s “Red Flame” mixtape.

Lil B Performs “Ellen Degeneres” in London (Video)

While at The Old Blue Last in London, Lil B performs his track “Ellen Degeneres” for the first time overseas.

Backstage with Brooklyn Martino: Lil B The Based God (Video)

Brooklyn catches up with Lil B for an animated interview touching on big topics like “I’m Gay” and his cult like following, while also featuring bits of his performance at Section 8 in Kansas City.

Lil B – Bill Bellamy (Official Video)

…I didn’t even watch it so I can’t give an opinion.

But if you know me, then you know it already. Bitch Mob Respect Da Bitch Vol.1 is already out.