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JSWISS – Cosby Zoo (Out of State Intuition Tribute)


Says J-Swiss,

So here’s the background on this one: On March 2nd of this year I released “Out of State Intuition“, which was a play on words referring to me being a student at UNC-Chapel Hill from New York. Throughout the project I used sound bytes from the Pilot episode of The Cosby Show (you know the “i-brought-you-into-this world-i’ll-take-you-out” episode). More recently I heard this beat from producer Eric G that samples one of the Cosby Show theme songs that was meant for but never used by Skyzoo. So I put two and two together and decided to do a sort of tribute to the mixtape I released in March.

Download: JSWISS – Cosby Zoo (Out of State Intuition Tribute)

JSWISS – This 1 Is 4 Dilla (Mini Compilation)


I’ll let J-Swiss speak on this,

Dilla is one of my biggest musical influences. He is the epitome of
the phrase “musical genius.” His talents transcend the genre of hip
hop, making him a legend when talking about all types of music in
general. No one put more soul and creativity into his music than Mr.
James Yancey.

Unfortunately Dilla was living with the disease Lupus, which would cut
his life short. However God blessed him with an unparalleled
combination of talent and work ethic, so that Jay Dee was able to
leave a mark on hip hop music and members of the hip hop community.

When I realized that the 5th anniversary of Dilla’s death was
approaching, I immediately took a temporary break from working on my
mixtape to put together this short compilation of previously recorded
and newly recorded tracks of myself over some of that legendary Dilla
production, in honor of his life. I wanted to create the right balance
of high energy tracks and that smoothed out sound Dilla also brought
to the table. Hopefully this makes you break your neck, tap your feet,
give the ugly face to some of the lyricism, and laugh and cry thinking
about the legend; the one and only J Dilla.

Tracklisting and download link after the jump.
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