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Nardwuar vs. Hopsin (Video)

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 2.55.35 PM

Hopsin is up next to take on weird-ass Nardwuar. Not surprised that “porn” becomes the topic of conversation. Check out their segment after the break.

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The Jokerr – Permanent Enemy (Hopsin Annihilation) (Official Video)

Now, THIS is a diss track! The Jokerr used to be cool with Hopsin until money came between the two as it so often does. Besides the fact that Hop indeed got annihilated here with wanna be Eminem punchlines, and being called out for having no integrity or loyalty – Jokerr got bars! Watch the official video for his record as he serves up Hopsin on a plate like raw meat. After the jump.

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Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, & Jarren Benton Interview With Tim Westwood (Video)

The momentum of Hopsin’s movement has propelled him and the Funk Volume squad over seas landing in Tim Westwood’s crib. Following their cypher from yesterday, Hop opens up with Tim about his beef with Soulja Boy and debating on squashing him or not. Other topics on the to-do list include, skateboarding, motivational goals, paving the way for younger generations, and more. See the exclusive after the jump.

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Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton Freestyle With Tim Westwood (Video)

Funk Volume made its way all the way over to London to spit those raps they do so well. Tim Westwood played host and dropped some fire as usual. Segment after the jump.

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Hopsin – Deep Cover (L.A. Leakers Freestyle)

The West Coast power house of Justin Credible, DJ sourMILK, Fuzz Fantab, and the L.A. Leakers were all in attendance when Hopsin touched the mic to spit some bars. Be on the lookout for The L.A. Leakers Presents: The 2013 Draft Picks mixtape coming soon. You will find this leak on the project too.


Hopsin, Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright & SwizZz – Funk Volume/Team Backpack Cypher Pt.3 (Video)

I ever tell you guys that I met Hopsin maddd randomly one day on the steps at UCLA this summer? Cool story I know right. Anyways, back to the real shit. DJ Premier drops the beat in part three of the Funk Volume Cypher and Team Backpack sounds off starting with Hops. Jump in after the break.

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Mysonne – Real Mind Of Mysonne (Ill Mind Of Hopsin Remix) (Video)

Mysonne bumps into Hopsin on the block and decides to kicks some game about this life shit. It’s the response to Hopsin’s “Ill Mind Of Hopsin” video. Check it out after the break.

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Hopsin Interview With Hard Knock TV (Talks Belief In God, Eminem Comparisons, & ILL MIND OF HOPSIN) (Video)

Hard Knock TV gets an in depth interview with Hopsin, aka an Eminem wannabe to some of the public. Here he expresses his devotion for the Good Lord and how it has impacted his career. Shout out to Ryan Pinkman and them boys. Interview after the jump.

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