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Official Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer – “Evening the Odds” (Video)


Scarecrow returns to Gotham City with a scheme to unite the Rogues Gallery and destroy the Batman once and for all. As the citizens of Gotham flee and criminal gangs take control of the city, Batman evens the odds taking to the streets in the legendary Batmobile to ignite the fight that will decide the future of the city that he is sworn to protect.

Official Trailer: Grand Theft Auto V (Video)


As September 17th approaches, Rockstar has released the official trailer for the forthcoming most anticipated video game, Grand Theft Auto V.

Los Santos: a sprawling metropolis full of self-help gurus, starlets and fading celebrities struggling to stay afloat in an era of economic uncertainty and cheap cable TV. Amidst the turmoil, three very different criminals risk everything in a series of daring and dangerous heists that could set them up for life.

Pre-order here.

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Grand Theft Auto V “Online Multiplayer Gameplay” (Video)


Last month Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar Games released their gameplay video. This morning we have a new look at what’s in store for the new “Online Multiplayer Gameplay”. Take a look at how GTAV has a brand new revamped gameplay for video game enthusiasts like us.

“Grand theft auto online is a dynamic and persistent online world for 16 players that begins by sharing gameplay features, geography and mechanics with grand theft auto v, but will continue to expand and evolve after its launch with new content created by rockstar games and the grand theft auto community. Grand theft auto online takes the fundamental grand theft auto concepts of freedom, ambient activity and mission-based gameplay and makes them available to multiple players in an incredibly detailed and responsive online world.

Grand Theft Auto V. PS3. Xbox 360. Sept 17th.

Trailer: EA Sports Ignite Presents: NBA Live 14 (Video)



Although last year’s game didn’t make an appearance in any household gaming systems, EA Sports has unveiled the official trailer for NBA Live 14. I’ve always been a fan of this series, and let’s hope this doesn’t get cancelled. Exclusively for Xbox One® all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

Powered by the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, NBA LIVE 14 will deliver the ultimate on-the-court control. Utilizing its new BounceTek technology, NBA LIVE 14 will introduce a revolutionary new, physics-based dribbling system. Whether it’s Ricky Rubio’s crossover or Kyrie Irving’s devastating between the legs dribble, one-on-one matchups take on a whole new meaning by putting the creativity and control at the core of every move.

Music produced by E. Jones. Trailer can be found after the jump.

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“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2″ Sells Half Billion Units In First Day


Easily one of my favorite series, “Call Of Duty” has to be one of most successful games I’ve played in a while. Activision has released the projected units sold from the video game. After successfully surpassing a million in sales in pre-orders alone at GameStop, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2″ sold a total amount of $500 million. Not bad.

Release Date & Game Trailer For NBA 2K13 (Video)


Fellas get ready, ladies get out the way. October 2nd is the day. This year’s game cover will feature Kevin Durant, D. Rose, & Blake Griffin. Jay-Z is your executive producer for the new 2K and to say the least, the trailer after the break has a real Brooklyn feel to it.

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