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Events: The Underground Beat Battle; Peformances From Descendent & LIl Bob Doe


Tomorrow night the good homies over at The Underground will be hosting their annual beat battle. Not only it’s a beat battle, but they will have performances as well. The two performers are our great rapper friend Descendent & LIl Bob Doe. Held in Durham NC, at The Pinhook, not only a great beat battle and performances, be prepared for some great wings and a food truck.

The price is $7, 9PM. 111 W Main St Durham NC

In The Studio: Khrysis & Phife Dawg (Photo)

Man. Talk about dope. If you know me, you know that Khrysis is one of my favorite producers ever, plus that’s my brother for real. From releasing Between Heaven & Hell, with Add-2, Merry Khrysmas the contribution to the latest compilation from Jamla, Jamla Is The Squad, he’s on fire. Anyways, Phife Dawg was in town, with also being featured in this upcoming visual, it looks like we’re getting a Khrysis x Phife track. I don’t know about y’all but i’m ready for this.

Are you ready for this?

Lil Boosie Is Released From Prison; First Photo Since Release


Well! According to Lil Boosie’s brother and manager Taquari Hatch, Lil Boosie will become a free man in February. Boosie has said to have written 500 songs in the past four years since being locked up back in 2009. The scheduled release date will be between February 13th and February 18th.

UPDATE: Due to reports, Boosie will not be released this month in a statement from BET

According to Weiss, Boosie’s tentative release date is scheduled for next month. “Just received confirmation that Boosie will not be getting out of jail next week,” he tweeted. “However, his release is imminent — most likely in March.”

UPDATE 2: Boosie is home, up top is the first photo since his release. (Via)

After the jump, check out Boosie’s freestyle “The Ride Home” after the jump.

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J Dilla “Donuts” Album Set To Be Released Into 130-Page Book


One of the illest producers to do it. J Dilla’s is set to have his 2006 album, Donuts released into a literature format. According to StonesThrow, the book will published by 33 1/3 Books, which is a series dedicated to classic albums. The release date for the upcoming literary work is set to make it’s release date on April 24th, 2014. Read more about the upcoming release with details down below.

Author Jordan Ferguson interviewed pretty much everyone associated with the album’s creation – Stones Throw’s PB Wolf, Jeff Jank, Eothen Alapatt – and many of Dilla’s associates in his L.A. and Detroit years. The book is not merely a behind the scenes look at the creation of Donuts, but a look at Dilla’s career as a whole, his influences, his music styles, and the art of the music itself. The jacket reads, “Drawing from philosophy, critical theory and musicology, as well as Dilla’s own musical catalog, Jordan Ferguson shows that the contradictory, irascible and confrontational music found on Donuts is as much a result of an artist’s declining health as it is an example of what scholars call ‘late style,’ placing the album in a musical tradition that stretches back centuries.”

Pre-order the book here.

Album Stream: Pharrell – GIRL


Pharrell dropped some exciting news in the recent hours as he revealed he will drop an album entitled Girl on March 3rd. The ten track project can be pre-ordered here.

UPDATE: Now we’ve included the 10 track tracklisting including features from Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Daft Punk, and Alicia Keys. Check out the tracklisting after the jump.

UPDATE 2: Stream the album here!
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Drake Releases Apology To Rolling Stone Magazine


Drake was in the headlines (no pun) again yesterday after some confusion with Rolling Stone after a few angry Tweets Aubrey took to the OVO blog to write a letter apologizing for his words.

With today being the 5th anniversary of So Far Gone I figured it’s fitting to return to it’s place of its origin in order to clear the air about an extremely emotional day. I completely support and agree with Rolling Stone replacing me on the cover with the legendary Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He is one of the most incredible actors of our time and a man that deserves to be immortalized by this publication. My frustration stemmed from the way it was executed.

The circumstances at hand are completely justifiable (on the magazines behalf), but I was not able to salvage my story or my photos and that was devastating. They ran the issue without giving me a choice to be in it or not. I would have waited until it was my time because I understand the magnitude of the cover they chose but I just wasn’t given that option and that made me feel violated.

I apologize to anybody who took my initial comments out of context because in no way would I ever want to offend the Hoffman family or see myself as bigger than that moment. I am still the same person. Today I was forced out of my character and felt the need to react swiftly.

These days are the worst ones. Waking up after a great night in the studio and it’s your day to be picked apart. After dwelling on it for a few hours or days you will come to the conclusion that you brought it on yourself almost every time. So here I am having that moment. I once again apologize to everybody who took my cover comments the wrong way. I respect Rolling Stone for being willing to give a kid from Toronto a shot at the cover. I guess this is a day to learn and grow.

The Boy

Nas Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of “Illmatic”; Announces “Illmatic XX”


On April 15th, 2014, Nas will be releasing a special 20th Anniversary Edition, titled Illmatic XX. The album will include the remastered version of his debut album, alongside several rare remixes, unreleased demos and freestyles. Also, Nas will be touring the U.S. and performing Illmatic from front to back to celebrate the release. Talk about great news. In addition, fans can now pre-order the 2CD set on iTunes and both the 2CD set and 1LP vinyl via Also stream the “It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Stink Mix)” here.

The tour is set to kick off in the spring beginning at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as well as Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.

“With Illmatic, I didn’t think about it. I just did it. I believe everybody has good instincts. Now I’m a man from that past and I’m supremely grateful. There’s a Nigerian proverb ‘What is past is prologue’. I’m here today because of Illmatic.” – Nas

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Timbaland: “I Met With DeVante, And I’ma Help Work On The New Jodeci Album”

Back in June, there were rumors surrounding upcoming music from a brand new Jodeci album in the works, with all original members, K-Ci & JoJo, DeVante Swing and Mr. Dalvin. It’s been revealed that the legendary r&b group has recorded 200 songs so far for the album. Fast forward until 2014, Timbaland has revealed that he’s been working on the comeback album from Jodeci. Last month Timbaland went viral on his Hang With app to discuss details from the often delayed album. Around the 3:19 mark, he states he’s not to reveal that information, but for the fans he did it anyway. Check out the full interaction with his fans after the jump.

Y’all ready for this.

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