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No Malice: “I’m Somewhere Else Now, I Am Not Doing Another Clipse Album. Be Very Clear.” (Video)

Welp. If you want to hear the Clipse music, you gotta buy them old albums. While in Texas at the SXSW festival, No Malice once again denounces a new Clipse album. He goes on and says how he doesn’t want to do that type of music anymore, and into detail of how he can’t cater to “every generation”. In this interview he also talks about his name change, his movement, and more.

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Rapsody – Dark Knights (In Studio Performance) + Interview W/ DJ Enuff “The Hot Box”


While in NYC, Jamla’s own Rapsody stops by “The Hot Box” with DJ Enuff. The two discuss about her follow up to her debut album The Idea Of Beautiful, shooting videos for her latest mixtape, She Got Game. Rapsody also shares her in studio experiences with 9th Wonder and Kendrick Lamar. Rapsody also gets an exclusive beat from 9th Wonder and freestyles exclusively on air as well. Also she gives a performance of the latest single “Dark Knights” which is produced by E. Jones.

“What I’ve learned from 9th and watching Kendrick is to be yourself,” Rapsody said. “And creating your fan base and sticking with your people is what keeps you around. You know? There are no rules in this. You write your own story. So, just that and being more personal. Making music that someone can connect with versus just rhyming. Like ‘Aw, that’s a dope rhyme. That’s a dope cadence. But I got this story.’ And it’s like ‘Wow, I can relate to that.’ Or ‘This beat makes me feel this kind of emotion that makes me think of this memory.’ Like putting all of that feeling into music and connecting with people.”

Check out the in studio performance and interview after the jump.

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Madlib Speaks On Upcoming Madvillain Sequel W/ MF Doom; Explains What Happened W/ Kanye West Collab


Fresh off his collaborative studio album Piñata, with Freddie Gibbs, Madlib gets his “Q&A” on with Grantland. This was a very hilarious but informative interview, but Madlib also hints at a brand new Madvillain sequel album. He says that they have 10-12 songs already completed with MF Doom. We can’t wait for this, if it’s actually sees the light of day.

Speaking of the Madvillain sequel, any word on more work with Doom?

He wants to do it. It’s just like me with Quasimoto — it just has to be right. It ain’t like it’s gonna be worse or better. It’s a continuation. We got like 10, 12 songs. It’s up to him. We talk. He saying he recorded new material. We gon’ see, we gon’ see very soon. I’m gonna go to Europe, we gonna hook up with him. Next month, London, first thing I do is go see Doom.

Another interesting part of the interview was when they asked Madlib about working with (or not working with) Kanye West. It was said that Madlib would be producing for Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Madlib explains that maybe it was the direction Ye didn’t want to go in, but doesn’t go into much detail.

Check out the interview after the jump.

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August Alsina: “I Don’t Really F**k With Trey Right Now, We Ain’t On The Same Page”


It was all good just a week ago. August Alsina sits down with Rap-Up to promote his debut album Testimony, but he reveals beef with fellow r&b artist Trey Songz. The crooner talks about how the remix to his number 1 single “I Luv This Sh*t” came about and more. He says he and Trey recently had a falling out because the two planned a show and didn’t go as planned. August says he can’t deal with egos, who’d ever think Trey Songz would have an ego.

“Once ni**as go to talkin’ a certain type of way, that shit ain’t gon’ fly with me and that’s all that was and I just had to not do the show ’cause I can’t stand on side of a ni**a if I really got something that I feel in my heart. It just ain’t gon’ work, so I just had to dip and we didn’t do it, but it is what it is.”

Check out the interview after the jump. Also August Alsina enlisted Rick Ross, and Pusha T for his debut album.

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Jake One: “3 Kings” Was For Dr. Dre (Detox), He Was Gonna Put Kendrick Lamar On It First”


Jake One is one of favorite producers in the industry, especially from White Van Music, The Stimulus Package (with Freeway), so on & so forth. In a interview with Life + Times, Jake Ones discusses his catalogue ranging from MF Doom, Drake, J. Cole, Rick Ross, Dr. Dre, and more. One of the most interesting facts about the interview, was the story behind “3 Kings”. He says the beat was originally for Dr. Dre which was set to feature on his long awaited Detox album and set to feature Kendrick Lamar. Honestly, I would’ve loved to hear Kendrick Lamar on this beat.

That was originally a beat for Dr. Dre. That was a Detox song for sure. He was going to put Kendrick Lamar on it first, but for whatever reason that didn’t work out. Then he went to Miami and did the joint with Ross. That was probably about a full year before it came out. It was kind of just sitting there, but Dre loved the song. I don’t really talk to Dre at all, so I would just hear from the people around him that the record was crazy. I figured it had to be a banger with all these people telling me that the song was amazing. I had some other songs that he had done for Detox, so I had heard that before. I just wasn’t really sure what was going to happen with it, because obviously the music hasn’t really come out. It was bugged out, because the Ross album was getting ready to come out and a guy in Dre’s camp nonchalantly texted me one morning like “So yeah, Ross is using that record and JAY Z is on it.” I was like holy shit! [laughs]. When the song premiered, I happened to be in New York at a friend’s house. Hot 97 played the record for like 45 minutes straight. That was definitely a different experience for me. I never really had songs that played on the radio like that. That was really cool. When I made that beat I had just heard “Lord Knows” by Drake. Just Blaze destroyed that beat. I just loved it. I had some beats in that vein already, but that Just beat just put me in zone.

Also after the jump, check out the story behind the beat for “Mo Money (Interlude)” which was originally for Drake.

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Video: J. Cole & Bas Perform In London, Ontario + Bas & Omen Interviews

cole and bas

In -23 degree weather fans of J.Cole and the Dreamville clique stood in line for hours as Jermaine and crew hit up London, Ontario on the Canadian segment of the What Dreams May Come Tour. Above you can watch highlights of the show as well as fans’ reaction after the set. Under the jump watch highlights of the show as well as interviews with Dreamville members Bas & Omen. Bas opens up about the steady rising path to success, what he has learnt from being on the road with Cole and much more. Omen speaks on early influences his families history in music and much more.

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J. Cole On Dreamville Label Deal: “The Deal’s Been Official Since Late December”


As we all know by now, J. Cole has ventured onto new moves with his Dreamville records landing a deal with Interscope Records. In an interview with Billboard, J. Cole talks about Interscope president of urban music, Joie Manda reaching out to him about being an executive, a label CEO and a producer. Although Dreamville consists of Omen, K-Quick and Bas, Bas is the only one who’s signed officially. Cole says Bas upcoming project, Last Winter, will be released on March 6th, will contain a free version and iTunes version.

“We’ve been dreaming about a label situation for years,” Cole told Billboard over the phone a few days after the announcement. “The deal’s been official since late December, and we’d been working on it for a while before that, but it felt too important to just go out and yell it right when it happened. It needed a more grand announcement.”

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Talib Kweli Talks “Gravitas”, Being Labeled A “Conscious Rapper”, & More W/ Out Da Box Radio

Talib Kweli of Black Star

Out Da Box Radio, grabs Talib Kweli for their first episode of the year, and a very informative one it is. Talib Kweli discusses his sixth studio album, Gravitas, details about the intro of the album, #Kweliclub movement, along with the current state of hip-hop. The Brooklyn emcee gives us an insight the significance behind the title of his last album, Prisoner Of Conscious, Macklemore winning Rap Album of the year, Kendrick Lamar and a lot more.

Check out the interview after the jump.

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