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Cracked: Jae Tips – “MSML” (Official Video)

Bronx, NY rapper Jae Tips discusses the lyrics to “MSML” off his mixtape “South of Houston”.

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Cracked: Wordsmiff – “Kill Them Before They Grow” (Official Video)

Brooklyn, NY rapper Wordsmiff discuses the lyrics to “Kill The Before They Grow” off of his mixtape “Bars Over Everything II: The Savior”.

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Wiz Khalifa Reveals Nas Feature On “We Dem Boyz (Remix)”

Wiz Khalifa returned back to The Breakfast Club this morning to discuss his recent arrest, arrest record, and latest mixtape 28 Grams. He also talks about Lola Monroe, and Cardo leaving the Taylor Gang imprint, his relationship with Snoop Dogg and more. Wiz also says his album Blacc Hollywood is slated to be released with a tentative date during the summer.

Around the 11:40 mark, Khalifa reveals that he’s finishing up a remix to his first single “We Dem Boyz”, which features Nas, and one of artist he couldn’t name. The remix will feature a brand new beat, so we’re anxious to hear that.

Trey Songz on August Alsina: “I Didn’t Feel The Need To Speak Out Against Him” (Video)

For his promo run for his forthcoming album, Trigga. Trey heads to Paris discuss various subjects In a recent interview with TRace TV, Trey Songz discussed his latest collaboration with 50 Cent, titled “Smoke” which was recorded almost four years ago, and was originally meant for Dr. Dre’s album, Detox.

He also talks about the alleged “beef” with August Alsina, his reaction towards the negative comments and more. Trey also says he doesn’t need to speak out against the N.O. crooner, and wants to see him do good. This part of the interview can be found after the break.

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Dasan Ahanu Speaks On Upcoming Projects, Spoken Word & More W/ The Finest (Video)

As a member of the Black Jedi Chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation he is credited with a long list of accolades such as a public speaker, organizer, workshop facilitator, poet, performance artist, songwriter, producer, writer, educator, recording artist, & so much more you can’t deny this mans talent.

Descendent Talks New Album, Next Single, & More W/ The Finest (Video)

In this edition of “The Finest” we caught up with VA bred, NC bound hip-hop artist “Descendent” at his 1st album release party (4-28-2014) at Havoc in Raleigh, NC. He gave us some great insight about his new album, his next single, & much more.

Grab his latest album here.

From The Vault: Danny Boy Interview W/ Hank McCoy


It may be a gift, it may be a curse, but I am constantly looking for the next best thing. Whether it be in my personal endeavors, or business opportunities, who doesn’t love the feeling of reaching the top first? I mean, isn’t that the metaphorical line that separates genius and insanity? I’ve grown to really enjoy my work here on NQM & AO! because it has allowed me to connect with real niggaz close to my age from all around the country, who share similar visions of leaving a legacy, and being able to provide comfortably for their family & friends. First it was with the Finally Famous, Detroit supported Key Wane, and then we covered Closed Sessions with Chicago’s own Thelonious Martin. I am now pleased to introduce a real beast of a producer from Philadelphia, PA, by the name of Hank McCoy.

I was first introduced to Hank McCoy while he was freestyling backstage at a Chill Moody concert out in Philly late last year. I wasn’t sure if he was an artist, or if he was just the homie – but I did know he was entertaining as shit. I learned two things that night, the Talent Island family likes to show love, and they really like to drink Jameson. Part of the reason I’ve remained cool with those guys is because they share the same vision I was speaking on earlier. It only made sense to have our next segment swing in that direction. The night after his visit to NYC for Chill Moody’s headlining performance for Hot 97, I linked up with Hank to chop it up and get some real insight unto who the freshest new Philly producer really is. While we shot the shit, some subjects of commonality lied in our appreciation for the new Gatsby soundtrack, and both wanting the Heat to lose a series before The Finals. We spoke on his early beginnings as a sound maker, evolving into the artist he his today, his relationship with Chill, learning from 9th Wonder and much more. Keep it moving to read about the come up of a loyal, humble & comedic producer who is steadily on the rise to becoming a household name in his city, and in the music industry.

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DJ Mustard: “I Got 8% Of The Hot 100, I’m Just Trying To Feed My Family”


The good folks over at HardknockTV sat down for an in depth interview with DJ Mustard. Before the interview started, DJ Mustard shows how YG platinum single “My N***a” was created, and breaks the entire beat down. During the interview the platinum selling super producer talks about how the single was created and didn’t plan on the single being as big as it is. Also DJ Mustard discusses his influences, how he got started, using FL Studio, and preferring to work on an entire album with artists and more. Don’t mention to him about his music sounding like the Bay Area. He also goes on to say how he has 8% of the Hot 100 which is produced by him. You can’t even get mad at that.

Check out the in depth interview after the break. Part two next week.

UPDATE: Last week was part one. Today we included part two of the interview with HardKnockTV. DJ Mustard plays the original version of “Sanctified”. Says he gave Kanye West a hundred beats, says he’s working with J. Cole, Jay Electronica, and JAY Z.

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