Mannie Fresh Confirms “OMFGOD” LP With Yasiin Bey Is Complete; Discusses Song Deal With Kanye West


We were all wondering about this joint project. Awhile back, Mannie Fresh and Yasiin Bey started working on a project and later named the LP OMFGOD. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Mannie Fresh says the LP has been completed. The two are going the independent route in releasing LP, and will contain 10 songs.

“We recorded way more than that. But rather than to [just] have somebody say like, ‘Oh, wow’ – I think a lot of times when you do that you throw away music. So, I just wanna give people like ten bangers and let’s be out. Some of those songs, I feel like we should just throw [them] out there. I’m that dude that think of songs to sample that no cats would ever think of. That’s one of ‘em. And, given the response … I always read from bloggers what they checkin’ out, and people are like, ‘Dude, that song right there [is the one].’ But if it don’t [make the album], believe me, we gonna put it out. ‘Cause I mean, it would be a waste [if we didn’t].”

Also after the jump, Mannie Fresh reveals that he has a song deal with Kanye West. He says they have done alot of songs, but it’s Kanye’s decision whether or not we get to hear them. Remember Mannie Fresh did get a co-production credit on “The One” from the compilation album, Cruel Summer.

“I got a good song deal with G.O.O.D. Music,” he noted. “A perfect song deal, that pays a lot. But, I just chose not to be signed because that don’t work for me.”

“We did a lot of songs, but ultimately it’s on Kanye, what he picks,” explained Mannie of why the roughly half-dozen other songs he was involved in creating with Kanye’s crew have yet to see the light of day. “I’m not the boss at G.O.O.D. Music, but I can say I got paid well. I would have loved for some of the other songs to make it, but ultimately it’s Kanye’s choice.”