The-Dream Talks New Music With Jay-Z “We’ve Done A Couple Things Already”


In a recent Mikey Fresh of, The Dream talks about recording brand new music with Jay-Z, by being tight lipped about it. The Dream also speaks on the “Birthday Cake (Remix)” (which he wrote), featuring Chris Brown.

VIBE: The one joint that we do know about is [Rihanna's] “Birthday Cake (Remix).” Were you in the studio with Rihanna when she recorded the remix?

The-Dream: I sure was.
What was that experience like? Did she call you, did you call her?
I did the original one months back for the album, we talked about making sure there was a whole song that basically [got] a reaction from the people that [she] wanted to happen. It was a interlude because it was the last record that I did at the particular time for the album and it came down to one of them last day things and we had to have the whole album mixed and mastered. And so there was nothing else written to it because I didn’t write nothing to it and a lot of people who know me know when I write a record I just write to the first hook. I never write pass that so if you want to do it we’ll finish it. If not we waste time trying to do the whole record. And so she cut the record and we had already been talking about trying to get the record finished.

So when she was like ‘I need Breezy on this,’ what was your reaction?

My initial reaction was like Okaaayyy… not in no bad way or whatever, Rihanna is pretty smart and she knows what she doing, she knows what she wants to do and I’m behind her 100 percent in whatever it is she wants to do and I don’t really care about the……she’s not harming anybody. It’s not really a care of mine to somebody who’s going to speak on it in whatever way, it only matters to me how she feels about what it is she’s doing and for me to try and facilitate that the best way I can.