Rapsody Talks Mac Miller, Nicki Minaj & More With Vibe

The Return of the B-Girl Rapsody recently sat down with Vibe, and talked about her experiences on tour with Mac Miller, how they met, “Return Of The B-Girl” & more. Here’s a quick excerpt from the VIBE interview.

You’re currently on tour with Mac Miller. How’s it going?
It’s definitely a new experience that came out of nowhere; I wasn’t expecting it. Our first date was in D.C., and I didn’t know what to expect. Most of his audience range from 11 or 13 to 20 [years old], so he’s exposing me to a whole ‘nother market that I usually don’t get a chance to perform in front of or reach. You know, it was new. To have them react, it feels good to know that this is the first time for some of them seeing a female rip the mic. It was an eye-opening experience, and I’m learning a lot about how to put on a show, about tour life.

What are some key things that you’ve learned?
On this tour, specifically as far as rocking in front of a younger crowd, they like to party, and they like to jump [Laughs]. You have to keep your energy up; do different things to keep them entertained and happy and partying. I’ve learned that sound check is very important. Because my voice is so low, I have to make sure my monitors are high.

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